12 websites to improve your life


  1. socratic.org - Learn chemistry, physics, and biology.
  2. griddzly.com - Make your own printable grid paper.
  3. keybr.com - Learn how to touch type.
  4. excelexposure.com - Learn Microsoft Excel.
  5. artofmanliness.com - Learn manly skills and manly etiquette.
  6. dailyzenlist.com - Daily…


there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

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don’t you just hate it when your father turns into a giant worm and eats your brother-in-law before trying to eat you too

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i really like it when boys look nice in suits like wow a+ you can wear that to my bedroom

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They should put prizes in tampon boxes, be like yeah your period sucks but here’s 50% off of some icecream.

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either that was a firework or another tribute is dead

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"do you love the character or the person who plays them?"


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